2014 Laser sail # 206154 for sale $4000

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Price $
Jensen Beach
For Sale:
2014 laser sail #206154
Ready to race with all the upgrades, very well maintained
1 aluminum top section
1 Radial bottom
1 full bottom
3 sails (1 full and 2 radials, 2 class legal)
rudder and daggerboard well kept, daggerboard has a small bump above the waterline (top) rudder is in excellent shape
carbon tiller and extension
all the lines and upgraded rigging
2 main sheets (light and heavy air)


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hull and mast step are solid. boat has been well kept and has won a lot of races. It has a few small gelcoat patches on the deck under the traveler by the eye ring (I put some extra epoxy in the corner to prevent wear since I like my traveler to be really tight for performance) I am only 112 pounds and the only one that uses the boat so it has been sailed by a light person. price is final. I will be driving back with the boat from Newport to Florida at the end of August, we could meet somewhere on the way if it is still available.


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This sounds like a great boat. Looking for my son to race on Lake Erie. We would like to confirm this purchase. Are you willing to give it up within the next few weeks?

I would like to provide you a deposit to insure our transaction.

Let me know how much and the method of delivery that would be acceptable to you.

Thanks for cooperation.

Rick Seibel

(814) 881-6612