For Sale: 2013 Expo 14.2, 2.3hp Honda motor and trailer

I am very interested. I live in Germantown wi and could drive down to meet you and see the boat anytime.
My cell phone no. Is 262-751-1980. Please call me
Thank you
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Is the boat still for sale and what condition is the boat and sail in?
I don't know why, but your e-mail was never forwarded to me. If you are still looking, you can e-mail me directly at <> or call 262-497-3011. The sail is in goo condition except one spot on the leech. I had left the sail on the mast when I transported it from Florida to Wisconsin. It had a sail cover, but the constant movement on the trailer abraded a hole about the size of a quarter through the sail cover and the leech of the sail. There is also some blue staining from the sail cover at that spot.