2012 Laser XD New For Sale $5000

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UPDATE WITH PICTURES. SCROLL DOWN. Never been in the water. Laser XD, Stainless trailer, hull cover top and bottom. All go fast equipment. I bought this new for $7700 and then was diagnosed with cancer. After 8 weeks of radiation treatment and loosing 35 pounds it is obvious I will not get to sail this boat. My illness is your opportunity. $5000 firm. Call Rick 912-829-5000. Sylvania, Georgia. Everything is new and unused.
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2012 Laser XD with all go fast rigging including carbon fiber tiller. Boat cover top and bottom. Stainless Kittyhawk trailer/dolly....unhook from truck and roll to the water. This boat and trailer have never been used. I bought this new and was told I had cancer the next week. After treatments I have lost 40 pounds and am too weak to think about sailing. My bad luck is someones good luck. This is a $7700 rig if bought from a dealer. Call Rick 912-829-5000

This is a great opportunity for someone to own a new
Laser XD, sail # 200618. Rolled sail not folded so no creases to disrupt air flow. I bought this boat new, and was diagnosed with
cancer before I could put it in the water. She is perfect is everyway, I
promise. I have lost 40 pounds and do not have the strength to sail
anymore, so I am forced to sell.

The purchase price for this boat with all the go fast equipment, carbon
fiber tiller, WinDesign boat cover top and bottom, Kittyhawk stainless
trailer/dolly(very similar to Seitech) was $7700 from Sayer in Mount
Pleasant, SC. I can show you the bill of sale. I am firm
at $5000 cash . It is a saving of $2700 for a brand new showroom mint boat
trailer. The boat has never been in the water. The boat has never been off
the trailer. The boat has never been left out in the weather. It has
always been in my garage. It is a steal at $5000. Included are wind vane,
BottlePort, Advanced Laser video, The Laser Book, Hyperspeed Kote hull
dressing, dagger board bag.


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does it also include a dolly or just a trailer?
It is a Kittyhawk stainless trailer/dolly. Very strong but very light weight. Simply disconnect from your vehicle and roll the boat to the water. The boat sits on three uprights and simply floats off the trailer. Saves money on buying a trailer and dolly.
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