2012 Laser Seniors Worlds at Germany in May 2012

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As a TLF Member, since 2004, I am now very proud to pronounce to you this hot breaking sailing news of my country (before it is actually released somewhere at the ILCA Homepage ;) ):

Actually the ILCA decided to let happen the “2012 Seniors World Championships for Laser Standard (male) and Laser Radial (female)” im May 2012 at the lovely German shoreside of the East Sea at Boltenhagen / Weisse Wiek in the state “Mecklenburg-Vorpommern”. This top level major event for all professional sailing Laserites (lower than age 35) will happen just before the Olymics 2012 at Great Britain.

Like at 2006 male’s Soccer Worlds: “Welcome World to Germany” and have a ton of fun here!

Some small impressions of the Boltenhagen\"Weiße Wiek" sailing area:


(*: Sorry, but for unknown reasons, this webside needs some time to get full downloaded)



Some first information’s (in the moment in German language only, sorry)



To be continued…

Let's sail hard and aftwards drink a good pint of famous German beer together!
See you ...
at least at Germany's Boltenhagen \ Weiße Wiek sailing area ;)