2010 Midwinters East (Laser.org)


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The 2010 Midwinters East, and ISAF Grade 1 event, starts in less than two weeks with sailing on the Gulf off of Clearwater, Florida. This is shaping up to be another premier event with nearly 150 sailors, from 24 countries, pre-registered already! Its not too late to make you plans to be there, registration does not close until February 15! Download the NOR here, go to online registration here, or follow this link to see who is already registered!

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If you have any pull with the person doing the live updates, it would be great to know what the wind strength is when they give the direction.
Good point, will send that request along.

In the meantime, if I believe iWindSurf's Clearwater Beach graph, looks like wind was in the mid to upper teens around the start of racing, dropping to around 10 or so by now. Starting from North and shifting to Northwest.
Thanks for asking them on the wind speed and thanks to them for including it - much better mental picture now (not that it's a good looking picture today)
Kudos to JB for showing all the youngsters a thing or two. But the problem is that when some old geezer like him performs at such a high level it stops the rest of us from using the excuse that we are only slow because we are old. Slow down old man!