For Sale: 2010 Catalina Capri 14.2 w/ new Pacific Trailer Price lowered - $2250

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I am selling my Catalina Capri 14.2 Sailboat with 2 sets of sails, and a brand new Pacific trailer (purchased new in March of 2016) that has never been used to launch the boat. I purchased a boat cover from SLO Sail and Canvas for it, and it has been covered and protected at all times.

The boat is in Pasadena, CA, at my residence.

There are two sets of sails, but the original jib, which was on a roller furling system had been left exposed to the sun by the previous owner, and suffered from UV damage, so there are two good main sails and one good jib.

I purchased the boat in 2015, and despite the best intentions, I have not managed to find the time to sail it since. Life and work just got too busy. The only thing the boat needs is new shrouds for the standing rigging, which can be purchased from Catalina Direct, and shouldn't cost more than $200.00 or so.

I have over $4000.00 spent on the boat, and have all receipts and documents for the various items:

Boat $1725
Cover $273.53
Trailer $1813.00
Extra Set of Sails $300.00

Asking $2250.00


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Hi I live in Monrovia... if you haven’t sold this, would like to come see it... I had a14.2 previously and later a 16.5... and looking to go back to a 14.2. Phone 818-726-8609
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Hi Mary,

I just saw this. Sorry I missed it over the weekend.

It is still for sale. I'll give you a call shortly.