2009 Pro-Rig Laser w Full and Radial rigs, dolly, trailer, cover, carbon fiber tiller & ext.


2009 Pro-Rig Laser w Full and Radial rigs, dolly, trailer, cover, carbon fiber tiller & ext.
Comes w:

- Trailex Laser-specific Trailer w working lights, lubed bearings and title. 2000 model year
- Full and radial rigs, w/ club/regional level quality class-legal sails. The full-rig sail number matches the hull number. The radial rig does not.
- Seitech Dolly
- FRP blades
- Carbon fiber tiller and extension
- New Top cover
- Blade bag
- North Fiberglass tube and bag for storing sails rolled
- Harken mainsheet blocks on boom and traveler. Some of the pictures show the boat w the old blocks on the boom. The blocks will be Harken.
- Pro-rig vang with your choice of either Harken or Holt setup.
- Your choice of either a Colie-type aft purchase outhaul setup (one block at the gooseneck) or a forward purchase setup (two blocks at the gooseneck)

This boat was used by a Master's sailor and is a very fast, solid and dry boat. It recently got a top 5 finish at 40-plus boat Laser Master's event, with top three finishes in 5 of 8 races.

As you can see from the detail picture of the bottom at the daggerboard trunk, the bottom has some gel-coat cracking in that area, as well as scratches there and other areas of the bottom. I am extremely picky as to what I regard as a perfect Laser bottom and this one is not perfect, but this boat will be very competitive at any level of regional competition and likely Nationals-level. Overall, I would rate the boat as a 7.5 out of ten, with the scratches as the only detractor. As a similar example, I bought a boat from a Laser Olympic contender a few years ago that had comparable scratches. The young man who bought from me went on to qualify for HS Nationals in the boat and place very highly.

Also available, at noted additional cost. These costs are the incremental costs as part of this transaction only, not to be confused with what they would sell for separately.
Will only discuss selling these or any other components separately after this boat is sold.
- Kitty Hawk Stainless Steel trailer w/ title, working lights and greased bearings, instead of the Trailex trailer - $500
- Carbon fiber top section - $500
- Used Mark II Radial sail with battens- $350
- 4.7 sail and mast $400

The boat is located in Deltaville, VA. Save yourself the $1 per outbound mile delivery charge by coming to Deltaville, but happy to deliver/meet you w/i 500 miles of Deltaville for a full price commitment and the $1 per outbound mile delivery charge. I will be driving to Northern Indiana late next week and can go any logical route on the outbound route to meet.

Venmo, or combination of cash and Venmo, much preferred to complete the transaction.

Please include a working US phone number in your communication to me, so that we can both know we are dealing with legitimate parties. My portable communication device is 7fore8-zero17fore, where the code for the area is 54(one less than one). Or you can PM me or post here and I will get right back to you.

Pictures attached. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
1 2009 Laser Port Gear Pic Detail.png
1a 2009 Laser Stbd Gear Pic Detail.png
2 2009 Laser Bow Deck with Gear.jpeg
2a 2009 Laser Full Rig Sail.jpeg
3 2009 Laser Cockpit Laser Sticker.jpeg
3a 2009 Laser Hull Number.jpeg
4 2009 Laser Bottom Bow Cartop.jpeg
5 2009 Laser Bottom Bow Port Cartop.jpeg
6 2009 Laser Bottom Bow Stbd Cartop.jpeg
7 2009 Laser Bottom Hanging.jpeg
8 2009 Laser Bottom Stbd Bow.jpeg
9 2009 Laser Bottom Stbd Aft.jpeg
10 2009 Laser Bottom Port Aft.jpeg
11 2009 Laser Daggerboard Bottom 1.jpeg
12 2009 Laser Bow Scratches.jpeg
13 2009 Laser blade bag.jpeg
14 2009 Laser Daggerboard.jpeg
15 2009 Laser Rudder.jpeg
16 2009 Laser Lines.jpeg
17 2009 Laser Mainsheet Ratchet Block.jpeg
19 2009 Laser Traveler.jpeg
20 2009 Laser Stbd w cover.jpeg
21 Kitty Hawk Stainless Trailer.jpeg
22 2009 Laser Seitech Dolly.jpeg
21a Trailex Trailer.jpeg
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