2009 Masters Worlds

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The March 2008 edition of Laser World arrived in the post to members of the UK association this week. Along with a very up to the minute report on the Worlds just finished (but not the Masters) were the minutes of the World Council meeting held on 14th February.

Unfortunately, all that was noted about venues for future Worlds was as follows:

"Information on the coming World championships for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 was given. Time was spent on the prospective venues working around the 2011 World championships and considering the possible implications if the Laser 4.7 is selected as equipment for the 2010 Youth Olympics."

So - not overly helpful, I'm afraid. In fact the minutes were completely silent on matters discussed elsewhere on this forum, such as new boom blocks and sail development, which one assumes were discussed at the World council meeting, but clearly not deemed important enough to share with the paid up members of the ILCA.

The masters worlds have always been open entry in the past, but if the Terrigal worlds are anything to go by, you will need to enter quickly once the entries open, as all the slots were gone within about 5 days.
It was announced at the Presentation at the Masters Worlds in Terrigal that next year's Open and Masters Worlds would indeed be in Halifax. The proposed dates (for the Masters) are Late August to early September.

There was talk around the boat park that entry by qualification is being considered for the Masters.
Im thinking of going to the Worlds in 2009. Never done this before... Just a quick questions from the veterens out here. How have boat rentals worked in the past? Is it better to haul your own boat up there? I'm not going to be coming from too far away... like about 10 hrs....

I'm just looking for some words of wisdom from the pros!!!:D

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I think at the worlds all boats are supplied. I don't think you have the option of using your own.

It's a pretty expensive event.

I might be wrong.

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While the boats may be supplied you need to bring your own sail. I think you can use your own blades, lines and stuff too.
I think at the worlds all boats are supplied. I don't think you have the option of using your own.

It's a pretty expensive event.

I might be wrong.
The following from the 2008 NOR makes me think that while charters are available, they are not required - you can bring your own boat.

22. Charter Boats
22.1. A limited number of charter boats is available on a first come first served basis. Until 15 October
charter boats will be reserved for non Australian entries. Australian applications for a charter before
15 October will be placed on a waiting list and if there are charter boats available on 15 October they
will be allocated to Australian entries on the waiting list in order of application. To apply visit

I am from Halifax - any news on what club/venue it would be run from? Hopefully RNSYS or BBYC. Both a very short sail to the harbour (RNSYS) or the Basin (BBYC). Will be interesting to hear where it is being held.

Wind can be an issue in August there as well. Can be very shifty and very fickle. In 2009 I'd just make the cut as an old guy - oops I mean masters. It'd be fun to sail that - but i really doubt I'd be able to qualify.


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OK. Looks like I was wrong on the boat charter thing. Is that possible venue really typically light air during that time of year? I would hope they would have the foresight to schedule a place were there is breeze.

Having said that I sailed the NA's in 1993 on an inland lake in the middle of TN. As a sailing venue for a high level event it was really a bad choice. I would hope we have learned from those things............

As much as I love the masters group I love good sailing better, particularly when a weeks vacation is involved.
Hi Rob,

I have not lived there for quite some time. But I did coach and sail there for about 18 years. As I recall, Mid August until mid Sept can be a bit iffy. Most regattas (when I was there) were held in early July - ARK comes to mind. But the summer months from about July to end of August are typically not the windiest.

I had a look here http://windfinder.de/windstats/windstatistic_shearwater_halifax.htm
and it seems to support my theory (keep in mind that this in only one year of data thought). Nova Scotia is pretty much at the mercy of the Gulf Stream and the Labrador current. Depending on which is dominant, and the sun, you can get some great sea breezes in the early afternoon. Just the mornings are not great.

I really don't mean to say that it is a crappy place to sail. It is great - and the Harbour will typically not be shifty. The days are warm and the evenings are mostly cool.

I am not really local there any more, but I am sure there are folks on this board that are. My parents still live up there so I'll ask them if I am off my rocker.

Here are some more links to look at:


Hope this helps.



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The 2009 Worlds, although not "officially" announced yet by the organizers or ILCA, is anticipated to be hosted by St. Margaret's Bay Sailing Club, and sailed on St. M Bay. This is a large, natural sea breeze bay, 30 min. south of Halifax, and is IMHO one of the best places to sail in North America. The "normal" weather pattern for that time of year should bring relatively strong SW sea breezes and nice waves.

Re: charter boats for Masters, you don't have to charter (can bring all your own gear), but if you do you must bring sail, tiller, lines.
Well, if it is supposed to be a light air venue then maybe it will blow like snot instead.
I don't think it blew over 15 knots in 6 days of sailing at Terrigal, at least for the radial fleet. We all came there expecting at least 20.
I had fun anyways. See y'all in Nova Scotia, unless we have to qualify, which I probably won't be able to.
Have to agree on St Margarets Bay. It has much better wind than Halifax - it is much more open but the course is usually not too far from the launch. Should have some good swells there as well. People there are some of the friendliest I have ever met - although I am a bit biased ;-)

So, how does one qualify to go to one of these things - i will be 35 in 2009 so I guess I'd meet that criteria.

It's not official that we will need to qualify for 2009; it just something that has been mentioned . If you are 35 by the date of the regatta (late summer early fall but date not set yet AFAIK) you have passed the main hurtle. I was as excited to turn 35 as I was to turn 21 and for the same reason; I wanted to be old enough to go out to play with my friends.
The dates on the ILCA website for the Senior and then Master Worlds (August 18 through September 5) are the "official" dates. This far out things could happen which might cause those to change but for planning purposes ILCA-NA is going with this for trying to set up the 2009 events leading up to the worlds.

It is also true that ILCA has gone to a new system for entering world championships, including the Master Worlds. So, there **may** be a need for a "qualification" system to get into the Master Worlds, though the aim is not to prevent people from going as much as to insure berths are available to people from outside the host region. In the end I'd think that anyone who really wanted to go from the North American Region will get in.