2009 Masters NA's Registration UP!

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REGISTRATION IS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it's early, but is it really ever TOO early?

There has been some discussion of possibily limiting this to 100 boats.

One thing that is certian is this. The FIRST 100 boats to register WILL sail!

So get it in and get it in EARLY!

(That sounds like words to live by.........)

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FYI. Registration has been open since last Thursday. However, at this time, the "currently registered boats" file is not getting daily updates. The host club will be updating this every few days or so.


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If you registered but your name isn't showing up on the registered list, you may want to contact the CYC office. I think some of the early entries may not have shown up on their computer.

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Thanks. Mine's not showing. Everyone else hurry up. There's potentially only 90 slots left and it's just 1/23. 3 months to the event. Notice ALL the Canadians registering???? Like I said, it'll be a great warm up for the worlds......


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Yeah, I'm sure several D12 people signed up early. Wouldn't want to get left out in the cold for a major event in our backyard.

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Registration is starting to pick up. 22 sailors registered now with a wide variety of states/countires being represented. So far we have:

Canadians- 6
Dminican Republic- Caberet. These guys will be in their element.
MN- I hope Lars has better travel luck this time- Check the tranny before leaving!
I"m not counting NC or SC. That is expected.

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Just hit 25 registered boats. Only 4 from D12 have registered so far and we should easily hit 25+ just from our district. I'm smelling 100 boats!

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Well it would appear we are having technical "issues" w/registration. Apparently there are quite a few more boats registered than what is currently showing. If you registered and received any "funky" messages or no confirmation or did not pay via pay pal chances are it did not go through and you'll need to contact the office manager at CYC to fix it.

Stay tuned.

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Web site is fixed. Up to 31 registered now. If you registered in the last 10 days double check the site to see if your registration went through ok.
Accomodation offered for Master's NA's

I have a suite booked at the Sand Peddlar for the Thurs/Fri/Sat nights (May 14-16 incl.), for which I'd like to share the cost.

The suite has a bedroom with a queen bed, and a fold out couch in the living room.
All in cost is about $450 for all three nights, so I'm offering the couch for $200, or the bed for $250.

Axe murderers need not apply!

You can contact me by email or PM through the forum.