2009 District 18 Laser Grand Prix


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The 2009 Laser Grand Prix Regatta is going to be hosted by Cowan Lake Sailing Association which is near Wilmington, OH May 16th & 17th. Last year the event was held at VBC and something close to 40 sailors showed up! A big part of the success came from I-lya attendees. Camping is available and it is a low cost 2 day event with food included. As gas is still so cheap it would be great to see 40 boats again! If you're thinking about attending, don't do it alone; bring a friend or the whole family...but not your dog because pets aren't welcome :)
Have a great winter and spring and congrats to Orangebowl participants; you're the ones who will pace the fleet in the years to come! Attached is the flyer with pricing and other relevant information. Thanks so much and feel free to foward this to anyone or any sailing associations you wish to!
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Only 3 more weeks until the District 18 Grand Prix Regatta at the Cowan Lake Sailing Association (www.CLSA.US).

We've got a lot going on including the announcement of our on-line registration. Check out https://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_registration_form.php?regatta_id=2196 to see the registration info or just log onto www.regattanetwork.com and serch for events starting on May 16.

Trophies have been ordered. We plan to award the following positions:

1st Place Overall (open division)
2nd Place Overall
3rd Place Overall

1st Place Female (1st female that didn't receive an open trophy)

1st Place Master (35 or older, did not receive a open trophy)

1st Place Radial
2nd Place Radial
3rd Place Radial

The 1st place open and 1st place radial's will receive a custom made trophy from www.fantasticsailingtrophies.com. You've got to check these out -it's worth the trip just to see the trophies. The balance of the positions will get custom made plaques.

We'll have lunches ready for both Saturday and Sunday, Water on the water, Dinner at the Capricorn Inn (just down the street - great burgers) and Breakfast on Sunday morning. All for the low cost of just $35.00 ($30.00 if your under 18).

Last year we had consistant 15kt winds and beautiful blue skies -I'm told this year will bring more of the same.

If you have any questions, you can PM me here, or e-mail me at hmilleratthinkpatented.com.

A couple quick notes: Because this is a District Grand Prix Event, current membership in the Laser Class is required. Also, we will require that all racers wear a Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket while racing.

If you live in the mid west - you can't miss this race. If you live on the East Coast - its not that far - we've been to your events.:rolleyes:
1 more week!

Get your reservation in ASAP!

If we don't know you're coming, we can't plan for you.

Check out the video and get a feel for the lake:
The Tuesday morning extended forecast calls for 11-15kts on Saturday and 9-12kts on Sunday. Who could ask for better?

See the above links to register on line or send me an e-mail and let me know your coming.

Everyone is welcome, looks like it's going to be a great weekend of sailing!