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2008 Race rigged Laser for sale

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Hasn't been touched in 2 years, perfect condition
- Full rig bottom section, top section, travel stands for spars
- stock rudder and centerboard, foil bag, extra aluminum tiller extension
- Carbon (ExtraDimension XDII) Tiller
- 48" Jr. Fatso Carbon tiller extension
- Full Rigging (Outhaul, Boomvang, Cunningham, sheets)
- extra hull plugs, clue tie downs, spare lines
- Seitech dolly
- Bottom and Top covers ($500 msrp)
- Also have hiking pants, dry suit, and splash suits available
- 4 sails --> 1 intensity training sails, 2 laser practice sails, 1 race sail
Please contact to see the boat and pricing
IMG_1812.jpg IMG_1813.jpg IMG_1814.jpg IMG_1815.jpg File0411.JPG
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