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2008 or 2011 Worlds Sail


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I'm looking for a Worlds sail from 2008 (Buffalo), 2nd choice would be 2011 (Curaçao). The price would vary depending on sail condition. If you know somebody that might have one please pass my request along, Thx. paul at tri-pacer.com
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beldar boathead

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Those sails are getting old and worn I’d think, so you should be able to get one at a good price. If you want Blue and Yellow, Sunfishdirect.com’s site recently said they still have blue/yellow/white sails from the 2017 world’s. This year’s worlds also had blue, yellow and white sails.


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Thank you, wise parental unit Beldar. I have enjoyed the videos of recent Sunfish Worlds. I was hoping to find a sail like my '71 Ratsey & Lapthorn (except with a window) and the '08 sail is pretty close. I know it's wishful thinking to hope somebody got one of the leftover '08 sails and didn't use it much, but if anybody had one I'm told this is probably the best place to start looking.
I asked the Buffalo Canoe Club if any locals might have one of the old sails or a boat with sail, no luck there. My wife has an '09 worlds boat and her sail is still in really good shape so I remain hopeful. We are lowly fresh water recreational sailors so our sails can last a really long time. It's probably sacrilegious to use a race sail just to play on our small lakes, I hope the great cone of wisdom will forgive us :). I plan to properly retire my '71 sail and boat while they are still in great shape, maybe the kids of 2071 can take my antique rig out for an exciting centennial spin.


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There is a Facebook group called Sunfish Listserve. They have 600+ members and it might be good to post this on there too.

There is also a Sunfish Yahoo group. I don’t know a lot about it but I’ve read that it is pretty active so that might be worth a shot too.