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2008 Laser with Full and Radial Rigs - now with pictures!

chris williams

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I have owned this boat since late 2014 and I have only sailed it 4 days, so it is going up for sale. I bought the top section new when I bought the boat, so it has only four days on it. One radial sail is unused, with a second used radial sail included (it looks to be fairly well-used, but I haven’t rigged it up.) Full rig sail is a North (horizontal panels, not bi-radial) with 4 days on it – 2 breezy and 2 with almost no wind.) Carbon Acme Fatso Jr. hiking stick and carbon tiller, new Zhik hiking strap, mostly new lines, good bottom cover, and a worn-out top cover. Hull is dry with some very minor scratches at the stern. Seitech dolly included. $2,900. Also willing to sell it minus one rig or the other. Email chris1williams2 at yahoo.com More pix available - just ask!

BTW, the boat has always been cartopped while I have owned it. It is sitting on a Right-On trailer, but it has never ridden on the trailer (I don't have a hitch on my car!)

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