2008 Laser Radial Pro

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2008 Laser Radial Pro, to be sold on or after august 10th. The boat will be used for one month only and will come with all standard lines, rigging, etc. On August 10th, the boat will be at Alamitos Bay YC and can be transported almost anywhere up the west coast to Seattle (fee may be in affect. tbd). The price will be 5100 obo.
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The boat will come with a dolly, new styles rigging (vang, outhaul, cunningham) one sail (to be used in one or two regattas), blades, spars, etc.
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The boat is sold by private owner (me) and I will be the only owner. As far as i know, the boat will not have any covers.
I will also be sailing laser nationals at ABYC. If I don't get a new boat by then, I will contact you about it. Thank You for all the information.
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