2008 Laser Pro

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2008 Laser Pro sailed less than 20 hours. Full rig with sail with 20 hours, radial rig with sale with less than 40 hours but different sale number (from my other boat). Dolly, top and bottom cover, Maffioli lines, carbon fiber tiller, new (never used )centerboard, blade bag, wind direction indicator. Contact Ed at 631-431-1707 or eberenblum1@gmail.com


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Dear Ed,
interested in your boat. Am in Massachusetts but have previously collected a laser from Sag harbour with relative ease.
Do you have any pictures?
Best regards
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I don't have pictures yet. Boat is in like new condition, hull color is dark blue. I live 1 hour west of Sag Harbor, you can take 95 S and then 495 E or come on one of the ferries and take 495 W.


What is the sail # (from the sticker in the cockpit) ? Adult or junior sailed ? Any scratches in the bottom ?
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