2007 Vanguard Sunfish (Seneca SC, $2,000) New Photos added

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I have a 2007 Vanguard Sunfish, with a great condition sail made by north sails. The boats daggerboard is in excellent condition. A deck cover in like new condition comes with the boat. The rudder is wood, with the ronstan battlestick tiller extension. The mainsheet line was recently replaced. The bottom of the boat is in excellent shape, while the deck has several scratches and groves in the gelcoat. There are also minor chips on the edges, more pictures will be send to people who are interested. I can send pictures of accessories and the boat. 20170619_133406.jpg 20170619_133435.jpg
Is the sail a racing sail? How old is the sail? In what condition are the spars? Does the boat have a hiking strap?
What are you using for a trailer? Do you have a dolly? How long have you owned the boat? Where was the boat sailed prior to your purchase? Where do you sail the boat?
No offense, that bow took a beating?
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The sail is made by north sails and is in great shape. Would assume it isn't too old. Spars are in good shape. The boat does have a hiking strap. There is no trailer I have made a frame for it to sit in when transported in truck bed. I have had the boat for a while now. It has been sailed to my knowledge around Charlotte area and is now on lake keowee. Ronstan battlestick tiller extension. The bow is not in bad shape, the deck has a few minor chips there. Bottom of hull is solid and looks great.
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