2007 Laser Pro-Rig Full & Radial Sail Sailboat w trailer, dollie & cover


2007 Pro-rig Laser sailboat in excellent, race-ready condition, including all of the following gear:
Pro-rig vang, cunningham and outhaul
Both radial and full-rig setups, with class legal sails.
Radial and full-rig Sails are in very good shape, suitable for club/local racing
Trailex custom-fit Laser trailer
Blades - rudder and daggerboard - are in excellent condition with virtually no flaws. Straight trailing edges and no scratches.
Seitech dollie
Blade bag
Bottom Cover
Aluminum racing tiller

The hull is light and very solid. The bottom has no cracks or crazing of any kind. The only imperfections are two light scratches about 12" in length - so slight I can not get them to show in photos. The gunwales and the bow show some small nicks, none as big as a dime. The deck and cockpit are perfect.

I can meet or deliver to anywhere within 4 hours of Richmond, Virginia before Christmas, if you are looking to make a Christmas gift for someone.

Cash only - no exceptions.

You can reach me by email at the above link and I will get right back to you or via phone at 748-0174, where the code for the area is 54(1 less than 1). YOU MUST INCLUDE A WORKING US PHONE NUMBER IN YOUR RESPONSE OR I WILL ASSUME YOU ARE AN INTERNET SCAMMER.
2007 Laser stbd under sail slight wind.jpg
2007 Laser aft with sail 2.jpg
2007 Laser port aft on grass.jpg
2007 Laser stbd bow on dolly in grass.jpg
2007 Laser stern.jpg
Laser Trailex Trailer.jpg