2007 Laser Pro Full Rig with Trailer and Dolly

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Selling my little used 2007 Laser Pro #189768. Excellent condition. It was purchased new from APS, raced a half dozen times in 2008 sailed recreationally perhaps another half dozen times. Not sailed at all for the past 6 years. Always covered. Completely ready to go.

  • Light Blue Hull/Grey Deck - Couple of minor scratches, otherwise pristine
  • Trailex Aluminum Trailer (titled) with fully balanced wheels for smooth running and a spare tire
  • Seitech Dolly
  • Wind Design Spar Carriers
  • APS Top and Bottom Covers - Bottom cover very good condition, top cover getting a bit tired
  • Laser Blade Bag
  • Rolled Sail Bag
  • Main sheet cam cleats on side decks
  • Full Rig Racing Sail
  • C-Vane
  • Pro Line Package - Swift Cord and AmSteel Control Lines/Rooster Sheet
  • All Instructions/Manuals/Guides
  • Various Laser Sailing Books

Pic 1.jpg Pic 2.jpg Pic 3.jpg Pic 4.jpg


Hi Crash623,
I'm up in the NYC area and the distance isn't a barrier for me.
But, I do have a few of questions regarding the boat.
1. What size rig do you have ? Radial or Standard ?
2. Do you have a practice sail in addition to your racing sailing?
3. Do you have a photo of the hull that you can share?
4. How is the stiffness of the hull any soft spots ?

You answers would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Mark. Responses below:

1. Standard Rig
2. No practice sail
3. I have some low side views - see attached
4. I am not aware of any soft spots.

IMG_1335.jpg IMG_1336.jpg IMG_1339.jpg IMG_1328.jpg
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The boat is really in excellent condition, but there is always room for negotiation. Contact me via private conversation, and let me know what you're thinking.
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