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2007 Laser in Ontario - Full & Radial Rigs (Price in $CAD) *Updated Price*


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2007 Laser Sail# 190295. Has not competitively raced since 2012. Lightly sailed 2013 & 2014. Has been stored indoors since. Fully Race Equiped. Radial and Full (Full not used by current owner). Hull in good condition with minor wear. 2 Radial & 2 Full Sails. Carbon fibre & regular tillers. Regulation dagger board with repaired chip and non-regulation dagger board. Dolly & canvas hull/deck covers. Complete package ready to go. Boat currently stored in Town of Blue Mountains 2hr north of Toronto. Price in $CDN


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Is this still available? We are actively looking and would like to purchase by this weekend. We are serious about a purchase (yours or other - depending on who still have their boat available).


Just A Mom

Thank you so much!!! My son is in love with this boat. It is in excellent shape and obviously well taken care of. Rest assured it went to a good home and my son will be racing it for years to come.