2007 Laser in Ontario - Full & Radial Rigs (Price in $CAD) *Updated Price*

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2007 Laser Sail# 190295. Has not competitively raced since 2012. Lightly sailed 2013 & 2014. Has been stored indoors since. Fully Race Equiped. Radial and Full (Full not used by current owner). Hull in good condition with minor wear. 2 Radial & 2 Full Sails. Carbon fibre & regular tillers. Regulation dagger board with repaired chip and non-regulation dagger board. Dolly & canvas hull/deck covers. Complete package ready to go. Boat currently stored in Town of Blue Mountains 2hr north of Toronto. Price in $CDN


Is this still available? We are actively looking and would like to purchase by this weekend. We are serious about a purchase (yours or other - depending on who still have their boat available).

Thank you so much!!! My son is in love with this boat. It is in excellent shape and obviously well taken care of. Rest assured it went to a good home and my son will be racing it for years to come.