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Hi all

I've heard rumours that the full rig Worlds may not be in Korea in 2006 after all. Does anyone know if there is any basis to the rumours? Have any potential alternative locations been discussed?



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Just to save everyone some time the minutes can be located directly by going to http://www.laser.org/c/cnt/down/minutes080905.pdf

2006 Regatta Scheduling
i. Major Events – 2006 Worlds may possibly not be in Korea. Possibility to host in Halifax or CA. If they are in Halifax, have the NE run the NAs in Hyannis. Proposal to continue to plan on Worlds in late fall, but be prepared for a schedule change.

ii. Regional Events-Cabrillo Beach interested in PCCs. Houston interested in Nationals.

iii. Grand Prix rules for 2006, Worlds qualifications rules for 2006 – Sherri & Ben to work on rules and to explore how to modify in the event there is a Worlds schedule change.
It is standard practice to approve the previous meetings minutes at the start of a given meeting. They then get posted, hence a delay of a month.

The 2006 Laser Worlds will be in South Korea as originally planned. There was a temporary glitch in the process which could have affected our planning for next year, hence the item in the minutes. But this was sorted out and I'm told there is a South Korean delegation in Fortaleza to do an announcement at the end of the Worlds. Or something.



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I complained about a month wait before minutes are posted.
Our President duly noted the currently used procedure, "It is standard practice to approve the previous meetings minutes at the start of a given meeting. They then get posted, hence a delay of a month."

My belief> The only legitimate reason for taking minutes of meetings is to let others who were not there know what is going on.
My second belief> Fools actually think> Minutes are there to prevent evildoers from using selective memory to abuse their positions of power.

Reason minutes are approved: Those who attended the recorded meetings want to make certain their statements were not misinterpreted and then published incorrectly.

Another of my opinions: There is no time like the end of the meeting for the note taker to read the notes back to those in attendance and make certain the minutes will actually reflect what happened.
If those minutes are then transcribed and shown an hour later to those who attended the meeting, those who attended the meeting will be miuch more likely to remember exactly what was said than after sleeping 30 times.
Therefore, I propose:
All meetings of the Executive Committee have minutes taken and those minutes be posted on line within 24 hours.


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I found an information on the UK laser page that the master worlds will be held end of September 2006 (23.09 - 30.09) in Korea and not end of October.
What about the master europeans in Split in the middle of September 2006. Does this date change, too??
Not extremly important but interessting :eek:

You are right, the dates for the 2006 Laser Senior and Master Worlds were fixed in Fortaleza at the World Council meeting after having moved several times from early September to mid-November. But this is it:

Senior Worlds: September 12-20 (note the inclusion of a lay day next year, September is the end of Typhoon season in South Korea I guess).

Master Worlds: September 23-30.

These dates are also posted on the ILCA-NA 2006 major regatta grid http://www.laser.org/c/cnt/down/2006future.htm