2006 Laser For Sale

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2006 laser for sale, like new condition, used twice. Comes with trailer, hull covers, 2 sails, excellent condition. Hull #0QTI7138C606, asking $7,200, contact sndsal4@aol.com. Fort Meade MD 20755
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Hello uninformed, you can't even come close with $5,000...look it up, a laser pro, two sails, custom trailer, covers and the extra is over $8,000.
08 laser from aps- 5345
2 full sails- 530 each, 1060
hull+deck covers- 219 each, 438
kitty hawk trailer- 650

Grand total- $7493

Thats a full rig too.

Look around, No used laser is going for more the 5500.
actually, you would only need to purchase (1) extra full sail @ 530. so, that would be a grand total of $6963. the other full sail would come with the boat. but, that's $6963 for a brand new boat, never used. and you would be given a dolly or something else from the mfg for incentive buy.
i know we shouldn't criticize a posted asking price, but Eagle, that does seem like a high asking price for a 2 year old boat.

Rob B

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It's an "asking price". If you want it make him an "offer". Although, I do agee his initial price is high and he is less likely to get offers because of it.
I got an 07 with dolly radial and full rig (newish full sail) bags and new lines for $4,300 only thing I'm missing is the trailer. A realistic price is $5K
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