2005 Racing Sunfish for Sale

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Lightly used 2005 Racing Sunfish for sale. Well maintained and still in immaculate condition. The boat has only been used about 25 times and comes with race-sail with window, racing daggerboard, outhaul, cunningham, quick-release gooseneck, blade bags, deck and hull covers, mast bag, Seitech Dolly, racing lines, and hiking straps. Everything is in great condition, although the sail is a little wrinkly because it has been stored on the boom in my garage and there are a couple of hairline cracks on the deck gelcoat (see picture below).

I purchased the boat to compete in the Frostbite series at Barrington Yacht Club. I endured the cold for a couple of seasons and then hung up my dry suit for good. I use the boat a couple of times each summer but in total I can't have used the boat more than 25 times. I kept meaning to get back into racing but never got around to it.

This boat is ready to compete in this summer’s North Americans, which is being hosted by Barrington Yacht Club.


I am looking to purchase a Sunfish for my 11 year old son who is becoming quite competitive. Your boat looks great but is a little out of our price range. If you are willing to negotiate I would welcome speaking with you.
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I'm willing to negotiate a little but the price is already pretty competitive considering the condidition of the boat and the asking price of other similar Sunfishes. Please make me an offer and I will see what I can do. Thanks.

Thanks for your reply Jonathan. We live locally in Tiverton.
I appreciate your concerns on the price but we were looking to spend around $1,500.

Do you know of any other less expensive Sunfish in the area ?

Thanks for your help.

thanks but we are going to pass. Found a decent 1985 in Middletown that will suit my son fine for now. Have a great summer:)
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