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2005 Pro-Rig Radial Laser with Trailer, Dolly, Covers and Carbon Fiber Tiller


2005 Scarlet over White Laser - This boat was used by two different juniors since new, but was stored unused for 4 years between the two sailors. I sold this boat to one of the juniors in our club three years ago and he used it for three summers - 2012, 2013 and 2014. The boat is in very solid condition and is ready to go practice on and sail competitively right away. No cracks or scratches on the hull. $4,250.

The price of the boat is with a radial setup, with Pro-rig vang, outhaul and cunningham, ball-bearing main sheet blocks, nearly-new radial sail, plus a practice sail, straight blades, straight spars, carbon fiber tiller and extension, Autobailer, Seitech dolly, Nautical America/Kitty Hawk Trailer with title, Top and Bottom Covers, blade bag, trailering spar holder, spar bag and wind vane. Add $250 for an additional full-rig sail and lower mast section to go with the boat.