2005 Laser Pro Rig

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This full size pro rig has seen very little use - all freshwater. Includes top and bottom Storm covers, blade bag, Battlestick tiller. Stored inside during winter.

Today July 29th, I took the boat out of storage and found some damage caused when the boat was put on its dolly. The right side gunwhale has a 1 3/4 inch area and the lip at the bow has a 2 inch long area of damage. Both of these are detailed , actually magnified in photos.

I'm in Maine, just North of Portland. Not too far.

You already said that the boat is in good shape. So that question is answered. Gellcoat is pretty free of any major dings or gouges.

No trailer, right?

Do you have any pictures you could send me? Close ups of the hull, Deck around the mast step, sail, blades etc would be great if you had them or could take some. Any would be helpful.


John Coale
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