2004 Sunfish "world's Boat

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2004 Used Once In 2004 -
Fully Geared For Racing
Sailed In Trhe Barnegat Bay 2 Seasons
Beautiful Sail - Great Condition - Stored In Garage In The Winter
Paid $3600 - Asking $2900
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I will have to get some pics for you - they will be of my daughter sailing.
I did not take any pics of it before I put is away for the winter - it is down the shore in the garage.
It was purchased brand new only used in the World's Boat Race
It has a pretty sail - just a few dings from being pulled in and out of the water.
Let me know if you would like to see it.
I assume this boat is still for sale. Please send me a telegram (or a letter if you do not have access to a telegram office) immediately with info on this boat. Does it have one of those wheeled thingies you can pull it around the beach on? TUM
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