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2003 Laser Great Shape


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Price $
Laser hull/sail#: 174227
Built 2003, White under hull and deck with Red color mid hull.
Great condition, Clean, stiff hull.

Sails: Full Size, Mark 2 crispy, with one regatta on it, + practice sail

Spars: Full and Radial rigs, straight. have no bend.

Foils: Rudder and center board good shape, carbon tiller.

Lines: All lines running rigging in good condition.

Covers: Hull, Top deck, rudder, center board

Hiking Straps: in good condition

Dolly: for rigging and launch, in good condition

Trailer: Right-On Trailer, like new condition, has been warehoused since it was new, all lights work, tires are perfect, no rust. Just paid $1000 for it. The boat on the dolly pulls up onto the trailer, so you can trailer the boat/dolly on the trailer. super easy for rig and launch.

$3600 Includes Boat, Gear, Dolly and Trailer.

Pictures Coming......
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Hi I'm interested in the boat. I have a few questions. Are the sails for the full or radial rigs? Is the Right-on trailer included in the price? Is there any damage to the hull or have any repairs been made? Can you send pictures? Thanks!


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Hi Mudjimbins, Thanks for the reply, it is my sons boat, I am waiting for pics today, although I have the boat here in my warehouse, its just wedged in the back with covers etc, so if you dont mind I will get pictures at the end of the day one way or the other....

Also, it is a 2003 not an 04, idk if that makes any difference, as it is in great shape. My son went to Laser Nationals, his first laser regatta, took a mid fleet finish and a 2nd in one of the races, so the boat is competitively fast.

Yes the price right now incudes the trailer, there is someone interested in just buying the trailer though, $3000 for the boat or $3600 for boat and trailer, as we know we can sell the trailer without the boat for more than $600.... you can reach me by email at Krak@ArntsonMarine.com.


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Oh and the sails are full size, no damage to the hull, we have touched up a few gelcoat nicks on the rubrail but the touchups are pretty good match, you have to examine close to even know they were touched up, and the boat looks very clean.