2002 Vanguard Sunfish

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Lecanto 34461
In nearly perfect condition Asking $2200.00 (but negotiable) Wood rudder and tiller (no extension), FRP (I assume) daggerboard. Sail is flawless as is the rest of her. Slight scuff towards the front from the boom when lowered. Was that way when I got her. Belly is free of damage, scratches etc. and she's dry. Has Sunfish daggerboard/kit bag, all lines etc.
Complete and ready to sail. (has never been in the salt water)
Contact 2872606@gmail.com or call anytime within reason. 352-287-2606 EST please. Any and all questions answered as soon as I can. Thought I'd enjoy sailing as much as I do sea kayaking... it's not even close for me. Keeping trailer but would be willing to deliver within reason.
If more pics wanted, tell me what area etc.
IMG_20190524_101557.jpg IMG_20190523_203139.jpg IMG_0215.jpg
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If you are trying to sail without a tiller extension I can see why you would prefer kayaking.:eek:
haha. If an extension made the water deeper, the winds greater, populated my local lakes with sea creatures and the bugs fewer. I'd get one. Sailing is a lot of fun for some people at the right location. If I lived 100 miles south, I'd probably keep her but I'm happy with my 3 kayaks that take only a few inches of water, work equally as well on a calm night etc. Just not my cup of tea.
This was taken 3 miles off shore at night. I'm standing in about a foot of water. This is what I love. Sadly, the Sunfish can't get me there.


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I think you're about $200-400 high for the central Florida market. We sold a very clean 2003 with both the rec sail and a used racing sail for $2000. I'd also recommend taking the numbers off the sails, clean up any adhesive residue with acetone.

I'd suggest contacting the Luffing Lassies or Sarasota Sailing Squadron, they are usually looking for good clean boats.

Good luck!