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2002 Laser

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2002 laser for sale,
Fast boat with a winning record.
Comes with full covers, mast bag included
spare upper section
Carbon tiller and extension
practice radial sail and spar
full rig and spar
mojo line package
race ready blades and bag
Hull is in perfect shape, wont find a nicer one on the market. always kept under covers upside down on a trailer. Hasent been sailed since midwinters east 2002 and has been dry its whole life. light, stiiff and fast. Lots of extras im sure I forgot. send me an email to sam173210@gmail.com and ill be more than happy to send some pics. Also, we can negotiate what comes with the boat. looking for 4000 takes everything, otherwise make me an offer. Willing to deliver free of charge up to 150 miles away.......
Not open for further replies.