2002 Laser Radial Special Edition White

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I've got to put my Laser up for sale before the holidays. I won't be able to sail once I leave for college and lately I've been sailing on a J105 and have no time for this boat.

It's been a great competitive boat and is complete and ready to race.

Sail number 175013

2002 Laser Special Edition White Hull
Seitech Dolly
2 Radial Sails
1-HYDE RACE sail with one weekend regatta on it.
1-practice sail that can be used as a racing sail also, i beleive it's a Hyde also
1- Full rig practice sail
Rooster Carbon Tiller with carbon roller
Carbon Fatso Jr. Tiller Extender
Racing rudder
Spare rudder blade
Upgraded Vang, Cunningham and Outhaul
Blade bag
Original Tiller and extender as backup
1- Radial Lower
1- upper
1- boom with carbon slider and outhaul slider attachment
(maybe a full lower if I can find it)
New mainsheet (it's the hightech non twisting one)
recently re-done bottom
I'll even throw in a hiking bench and a pair of hiking pants.

All this is going for 3000. I am flexible on the price so just let me know what your offer is. I will deliver within Texas for an additional cost (just enough to pay for gas). Closeups upon request.

So there are three sails total? or 5? Because you say 2 radial sails and then you continue to list the two hyde sails and the full rig sail. Also, how much has your laser been used? Has it been in any crashes? ease be truthful about even minor bumps. I know it's been through something because you said you got the bottom redone.
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There are three total, the two radial sails which I went to describe, and the full rig.

it has been raced and sailed. The bottom has been in for a light sanding and polish and the gunnales were redone from rubbing on the dolly handles. It is not worn out by any means. It's still a great, stiff, dry, hull.
That is great! I'm a high school sailor myself. I'm considering (well I guess my parents are) your offer but I have to think about it. I'll get back to you soon (less than a month).
P.S. Do you have a trailer for the laser? I can get probably find one, if I were to buy it. But, just wondering. Thanks, Elsa.
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I don't have a trailer for it unfortunately. I have always car-topped it on my Xterra. It's pretty easy to do. I found a set of racks for around 40 dollars online that worked really well for it.
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