2002 Laser, Dolly, Trailer, New Sails $4,500 USD

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2002 Laser (standard) in very good condition with 2 unused sails, 2 practice sails, all upgraded control lines, dolly and trailer. Extremely dry boat, stored in garage last 7 years. Sail#173200
Good morning my name is Laura and I am trying to surprise my husband and find just the right craft for him... would you be kind enough to send me some additional photographs to my text so as to keep this a secret… Which is 707-321-2648.I live in Sonoma and would be interested to take a look sometime next week and I am willing to put in an offer at this point of $4000 if you would be willing to hold it for me until I can get down there! Thank you for your consideration
I am on the East Coast at the moment planning to fly home this afternoon and could be available to drive to you as soon as Wednesday this week if that is convenient for you.
I can come to see you on Wednesday morning can you please give me directions? Please send them to the cell number! Thank you so much and I will bring you cash… I am still on the plane halfway across the country but so looking forward to this amazing possibility!
Hi Sean, if this sale doesn't work out, let us know. We are interested. Looking for a boat for our 15 year old who just joined SFYC sailing team. Thanks so much!
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