2001 Capri 14.2 with Honda 2hp motor

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After much consternation, it's time.

Our beloved 2001 Catalina Capri 14.2 is up for sale.

All the goodies on this one; swing centerboard, Harken roller furling on jib, sails and sailbags like new, tiller extension, etc... All rigging and lines are in super condition.

Honda 2hp 4-stroke. Engine was purchased NEW and might have 20 hours on it. MIGHT.

Trailer is great, galvanized, adjustable bunks, winch, etc.

I can throw in a few life jackets if that would be helpful.

Just time for her to go to a new home. My wife (a.k.a. CREW!) wants something to pull the kids on tubes with...so I'm in the market for a fossil-fuel-burning runabout. If you have one you're interested in swapping, give me a shout.

Asking $3500 OBO, located in Western Colorado. Capri 14.2.jpg
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Been a few days, and well over 140 reads....yet nothing. I know it takes time to sell a boat, I'm just impatient.

Am I close on price? Steer me in the right direction, here. Need more pics? More details?


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After recently shopping, and buying a 14.2, I think your price is a fair one and would have given your boat some serious consideration.

I think your location may have more to do with the sale than anything else. Have you listed the boat on CraigsList? ..and more pictures is always better:)

Good Luck

I would love to buy your capri but not sure how we can deal with the distance problem.

I have a very well reconditioned 13' whaler with beautiful mahogany trim, repowered with a 2 cycle 40 hp Yamaha engine and trailer. Market value approximatly $6000. GREAT FOR TUBING !!

Any ideas??

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Hey Jack - yeah, it's quite a ways from here to your place!

Too bad you're not a bit closer...

Something will work out for us both - I just need to exercise a bit more patience.

I've located a shipper who will pick up and deliver the capri for a fee of $800.

Are you willing to split the cost of shipping?? If yes please give me a call at 231 386 7507 to arrange the details. Jack

Good evening Tucker,

I'm not sure I understand your last message but I assume it means you will be contacting me this evening. The shipper has agreed to $800 until 9:00 AM June 8. I will be traveling tomorrow but can be reached on my cell phone at 231 590 3264. I'm home this evening and the phone number is 231 386 7507.

Hope we can work out something....Jack
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Jack -

I sent you a private message here thru the Capri forum; check it out.

I'll try and give you a call soon as well -


Good morning Tucker,

Great pictures. The boat, motor and trailor appear to be in great shape. I assume the same is true for the sails and rigging.

The shipping issue is frustrating but give me a call at let's see if we can make this work.

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This boat is sold - thanks for all the inquiries!

I do, however, still have the Honda outboard. If you're in the market for one, just shoot me a private message and we'll make something work out for us both.

Have a super day!