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2000 Vanguard Sunfish and Trailer

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Selling a 2000 Vanguard Sunfish. I purchased this Sunfish from the origional owner who only used the boat a handful of times. The boat comes complete with a new sail, all rigging, rudder, and dagger board. The boat is in great shape and looks as good as a 2010. It has lived in the garage for most of its life. Needs someone who will actually sail her.

2300 for the boat.

I also have a 1996 Bandit galvanized steel trailer. The trailer is in great shape with good tires. All lights work. Perfect size for the Sunfish.

350 for the trailer.

Boat and trailer as a package: 2600

I have a ton of pictures. Contact me through the forum.

Tom Clark

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I am new to the forum and saw your posting of the 2000 Vanguard Sunfish and trailer.
I have a few questions:
Is it still available?
I live in north Jersey and would need to pull the trailer back, what size hitch does it require?
Will the mast travel on the trailer safely?
Can I call you? Or can you call me?
Tom Clark 973-383-0328

Teresa B.

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I would like to see pictures if you still have the Sunfish. I'm very interested on both the boat and trailer. I live right outside of Augusta, GA. If you send picture I'd appreciated it. tbarnes611@bellsouth.net. I can come and pick up the boat.
Thanks for your time.
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