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2000 Laser with Trailer and Dolly. $3000 CAD OBO

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Sean the Sailer

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I have a Laser that has been out of the water for maybe 3 years now :( I have a kid and pregnant wife and I think I want to get something a bit bigger to take them all out. My racing days are temporarily over!

  • 2 x Sails (one nice racing one, and one practice one that has been repaired)
  • 2 x Centreboards (one newer one for racing, one practice one that hit a rock once, still functional but good for tooling around in)
  • 1 x Dolly (picture in gallery)
  • 1 x Towable Car Trailer (picture in gallery, just needs some air in tires)
  • Sail Bag (the strap needs to be repaired but there are no holes in the bag)
  • Original Rudder and Tiller (no picture, but can provide if you need it)
  • All ropes (original and new)
  • Mast (not pictured, can provide if needed)
  • Hull Cover and Deck Cover
  • Bag for hull cover & deck cover
Only issues I could see (can get more pictures if you tell me what to look for)->
  • the dolly needs a pin to attach it, I think my brother pocketed the pins that allows it to break apart, I have some things to rig it but I imagine this costs <1$ to fix.
  • Some minor scratches on the sides (might be able to see in pictures on the blue paint).
  • Minor scrape on rear left when looking at boat from rear (should be able to see in picture). Mostly cosmetic but a bit deeper than normal scratch.
  • The trailer tires are currently flat. I am pretty sure this is just from sitting idle... I don't have an air compressor as this is a summer cottage so whoever comes to pick it up should bring a tire air compressor. The only one I have fills up floats.

Gallery of Images
2000 Laser Sailing Boat Parry Sound
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