2 Alcort Sailboats! Buffalo NY

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They are both still for sale. The Sunfish does have aluminum edges and I do not know if there was a plate number. I'll check tomorrow. I don't remember the age and I know they are older but they are in great condition, the minifish especially.
Thanks for the reply, I'm looking for a newer hull, I've got an older one. They quit making the alum edges around 87 which is what I'm looking for. Thank you
I have an Alcort Sunfish and an Alcort Minifish for sale. Both have sails, rudders, and booms. They are in great condition with the usual wear and tear. Not sure of the years. PM me if interested. Asking 1400$ for both.
Still for sale? Would you consider less than $1400 for the two? Looking to get my twins engaged in sailing. Thanks, Chris
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Hi Chris,

I will consider less. I honestly just don't want to store them this winter, I will drop my price to 1050$ to save me some extra work. Cheers.
I'm in PA and would consider driving up. Very interested, do you have additional pictures. I've been looking on and off for 3 years and the kids are getting older so I ned to take the plunge! I'll need to think about transporting them - just have a mini-van ... just need to figure out the logistics of getting this done within the upcoming weeks ... would you take a $1000 flat - Thanks Vince - look forward to your response
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I'll take 1000$ only if they get good use or if you have a wood router table saw, or any tool you can throw my way :p This is THE lowest though. This is quite a deal but I suppose I won't have to store them. I actually live near NF river further than Buffalo. However, it is actually still about 2 hours to drive to because of buffalo traffic. If you are serious about the boats then instead of the 90, Route 5 will save you time and money. Feel free to PM me your email address so that I can contact you for more details.


When you are able - please email an address so I can locate the best route. I will provide some logistics/options about when I can travel up once I get it figured out from this end. The drive doesn't appear to be too bad.

I look forward to your email. And Thanks - we are 2 miles from a lake at this end / ex-Coastie / sailing since age of 8 so use will NOT be any problem. - Chris
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