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1st time (2nd time ever) in a loooong time


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Got in a sunfish today for the 2nd time ever, and first time in 8-9 yrs. Heck, haven't even been on a big boat in all that time. The winds were 15kts, so I know I probably should've waited, but of course I didn't. I spent lots of time in irons, having forgotten how quickly the momentum disappears at small mistakes, and turtled it 4 times, in about 90min on the water. I had some good little sprints in the groove, almost had one flawless tack, and learned that even old and fat I could climb back in. The first three times anyways. I was so worn out by the 4th turtle that I needed a little help, and my abs have never been more sore in my life.

I felt both discouraged and optimistic. Anyways, just wanted to share!


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For our scouts, we attach a pool noodle on the ends of the upper and lower spar, I know of another ship that sprayed foam insulation into the mast ends to keep them from sinking.

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Definitely 4 full turtles. The first two were fairly easy to right, but the second 2 were way harder since the spars were all full of water at that point. Lots of practice getting the daggerboard into the trunk upside down, lol.
Odd the spars filled up. Even the old cork plugs usually help keep them pretty empty.


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It certainly looked like there was water running out of them for a while. I suppose it could've still been water running off the sail, but that thing dried real fast in yesterday's heat. I wasn't out on the sunfish that I bought recently, but on one owned by my sailing club.


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My sunfish is at home on a trailer until I get a storage space at my club. I believe it's in pretty great condition, but I do think that the foam blocks in the bow may be loose on the bottom side. I can put some hand pressure against the hull and there's a slight give before it presses into something solid.