1999 Vanguard Laser Sailboat Gold/Yellow Racing Sail Excellent

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1999 Gold/Yellow Vanguard Laser sailboat, in excellent condition. This boat includes a laser specific Sietech dolly, rudder, tiller w/ Fatso extension, centerboard, board bag, Full sized lower mast, upper mast, boom, incredible racing sail (with tube and bag), and all new updated rigging (old rigging included). I also have a colored practice sail that I might include for a few extra dollars.

This boat is incredible to sail and a lot of fun. It is in excellent condition and has always been washed and well maintained. It has been sailed less than 70 days and has no damage anywhere because it has been stored in the garage, except for two months when it was sailed and kept in two laser-specific waterproof covers that are also included. $3700 OBO.

You can see pictures here:
Hey, I am looking to sail nationals down in Long Beach and wondering if you wanted to charter your laser to me? I have some quotes for what Vanguard is chartering for and would like to make you an offer.
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I am not really interested in chartering it. It isn't worth the trouble to me, I would rather just sell it. Thanks though!
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