1998 14.2 Mod 3 for Sale on eBay (Clarksville, VA)

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Anyone in the VA/NC area looking for a decent 14.2 should visit eBay and search on Capri 14.2. From the ad, it looks like a clean 1998 (Mod 3) 14.2 (w/trailer) that most likely has spent most of it's time on Kerr Lake (largest fresh water lake in VA (also known as Buggs Island Lake). From the photos, it appears to come with a mooring cover too. Clarksville is a little more than an hour from Raleigh, two hours from Richmond, and about 3 hours from the Tidewater area. I'd check it out myself, but I have a 1987 14.2.
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Still available...

Just wanted to update everyone on this boat...bidding is still only at $1,233 as of this morning. Obviously the reserve has not been met, but a serious buyer can still come in and probably land a pretty good deal....