1997 Laser Full and Radial rigs

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I just purchased this boat and found I can't keep it on my dock. (Its a long story...)

The boat is in great condition with very little use since it was new. White with a blue stripe, very nice. I believe this boat was originaly a Radial rig and the previous owner bought a new spar and a new (non class leagal) Full rig sail. The boat has the Harken Pro Rigging and I just put a new Harken outhaul on it. I just bought a new wind vane and new Gungeons too. It seems the Full sail has never been used. Also included is a Sitech dolly and a old, worn, top cover.

The hull is in great condition. In fact it looks like a lightly used 3 year old boat not a 1997.

$2,900 for all.

Email me at beklund@aol.com or call me at 715-379-8416
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Yes, This boat is as dry as a bone and the top and bottom are as firm as a new boat. To my knowlege this boat has been properly stored inside since new. Like I said, This boat looks like a lightly used 3 year old boat. Very few if any scratches.
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