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1996 Centennial Olympic Laser w/ Trailer

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Hello Laserers,

I'm selling my favorite boat because I need to finish school. Priorities, I suppose.

The 1996 olympic hull is still stiff and in good condition, albeit a few rail dings and small gelcoat scrapes.

The boat comes with:
A trailer
Two fairly crisp full rig sails
Clean spars (sailed in fresh water)
Top cover
New rigging
New lines
Carbon tiller and extension
Blades (beat up, could use refinishing)
Blade bag
Delivery within 200mi

Thanks for looking.


photo 3.JPG

chris register

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live in Pawleys island - need radial rig. interested. any further pictures?
could meet half way if good. does the dolly come also?

René Ward

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I would like to take a look this week. I'm in Atlanta and work in Smyrna. I'm also in the Lake Lanier area very often. Please let me know when you are available so I can see the boat.
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