1994 Laser. full rig, great shape


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Laser 8.jpeg 94 Laser, very lightly used. I bought this boat years ago, and find it is too much of a handful for this 68 year old body when the wind picks up. Instead I'm sailing my Sunfish, I can handle that boat better. The Laser was set up for racing, which I occasionally did, mostly on our local southern PA lake (Pinchot). The two sails are not top quality race sails, they are good enough for me though. Otherwise the rigging, spars, blades, and hull are fine. Photo's available. Boat is stored inside under cover. Older worn bottom cover, new top cover. I am definitely keeping the trailer for my Sunfish, but can use it to assist with a local delivery for a reasonable fee. I have an excellent Seitech dolly that I plan to keep for my other boat, but for an additional $220 fee, I can sell it with the Laser, not available separately. Include your phone number with your reply or I will ignore it as spam. Cash only.