1994 Laser for Sail

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1994 Laser Full Rig with dolly and trailer. Boat is in good shape and hasn't been used for a number of years. Needs a good cleaning. Includes all sorts of accessories.
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List of Equipment and more pictures

Note: Jetski trailer is not part of this package.

Item Manufacturer Remarks

Battens Laser
Compass TBD Looks like a bubble Assorted blocks Laser
Assorted lines

Auto bailer Laser
Mainsheet block Ronstan ?? Not sure of manufacturer Mainsheet

Inspection ports and covers

Inspection port bags Harken
Stock boom vang Laser
Blade bag

Neoprene shorts

Hiking pants Sailing Angles
Sail Laser Used once Compass holder Deck Spider
Wind indicators Kingfisher 200 3, 2 in box Clew hook Harken
Trailer Perfomance
Combo unit Seitech
Laser dolly Seitech Has a broken axel bracket Trailer dolly

Hiking strap Seitech
Lockpit EB Laser
Bouy and anchors

Cunningham and outhaul kit Harken In Box, never installed Boom vang Harken In Box, never installed
Spars Laser Extra top section


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