1993 Laser II with trailer

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1993 Laser II for Sale w/Trailer
$2,000 Or Best Offer
Manufactured in August 1992 by Sunfish-Laser Inc.
Originally purchased new from Annapolis Performance Sailing and well loved by my father (stored indoors in garage)

Hull number: SLI 08862 H293
Location: Carrollton, TX (A northern suburb of Dallas TX)

Hull bottom was refinished a couple of years back and is smooth, sound, and dry. Mast, Rudder, Dagger Board, Spinnaker pole, rigging, cleats, etc. are all in good shape; some of the lines are reaching end of life.

Sails have wear but are still quite usable for knocking about the water. Spinnaker also has a small tear (less than 1") that needs repair. Upshot: If you are a racer, you'll want new sails, but if you just want to tool around, these will do.

Besides the spinnaker, it also is rigged with a trapeze and we're including the harness.

All gear included, it's ready to sail.

Also included is a Nautical America 604C4 trailer along with mast stowage equipment - take the boat to any lake, set up your mast / sails, roll it down the ramp, and go.


I am looking for a sailboat and live close to you. How is the condition of your boat? Does it have a trailer I can haul with my car? How is the Gel Coat on it? Has it been painted? When would it be available to look at (weekend or other day)?
Richard Kenney
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I'll give you a call tomorrow. Yes, it's a proper gel coat, not a substandard paint job.. The trailer is pretty light, and with the boat is < 1000lbs. I've hauled with a 2004 4 cyl Toyota Camry, but you'll have to do your on research on whether your vehicle can handle.

Best. -John