For Sale: 1992 Model 2 Cleveland, Ohio

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1992 Catalina Capri 14.2 Sailboat with trailer. Roller furling jib, Minkota electric motor, stern mounted boarding ladder, and mooring cover. Cuddy mounted battery for motor. Original sails. New lines in spring of 2005. New shrouds in spring of 2006. Very good condition, some scratches on the hull from normal use. $2000.00 OBO For more information call Roger at 330-468-2523

Roger Lohrey


trolling motor questions

Hey Roger - how do you have your battery situated in the cuddy? Is it mounted in some way, as to avoid trouble if she capsizes or turtles?

And where did you run the wiring? I've been scouting around for a gas outboard, but the long shafts are very touch to find, and they're expensive if I can find them. The electric motors are much more affordable and readily available, but I'm concerned about all the wiring and the mounting of the batteries, etc., etc., etc.

Any words of wisdom?

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The battery is mounted in the front "cubby" right behind the wall as shown in the photo. I made a small wooden box that I secured to the boat then I secured the battery in the box. I cut a opening for a water tight hatch that I put in the tunnel. This way I can get access to the battery without removing the tunnel. When I was working installing the battery I ran the wires under the left seat. Running the wires was the hardest part. There are air bladders under the seats for flotation. They are like plastic milk jugs. I was able to cut the access hole in the back and then push a fish tape up to the bow and then pull the wires back. This is a two person job. I "used" my 8 year old son to climb up in the bow to help with the pulling of the wires. The socket in the back is made by Minkoda. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Roger L


More questions...

Roger -

I really like your setup! That's very impressive.

A few more questions for you:

What size is your Minkota trolling motor? How long is the shaft? It looks to be a factory Catalina motor mount, is that right? That's exactly what I have. How does the electric motor perform? Strong enough to get you to the shore if things get crazy on the water? Does the trolling motor kick up out of the water once you're underway?

The 4-stroke is my preference, but the cost is pretty steep. I'm definitely considering alternatives, especially when the setup is as clean as yours. And honestly, by the time you figure wiring, sockets, battery, motor, the trolling setup probably isn't much cheaper - just much more available. Is that what you've found? Plus, there are a few lakes in CO where gasoline engines are not allowed, but trolling motors are totally OK.

My Capri doesn't have the "tunnel" in the cubby area; am I missing that? Did you make that? Where can I find one? I just have a hatch to the cubby itself; it's all open to the bowels of the boat once I lift the hatch. Am I missing something?

Have you ever had the battery/trolling motor wet or submerged? Would they work just fine? I'm hoping that I never have to deal with this, but am preparing for the worst case scenario, just in case.

Thanks for all your help so far! Again, that's a great looking Capri -
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I am using a Minkota Endura 30 trolling motor. The motor shaft is 31.5" long. That is measured from the top of the shaft to the center line of the motor. I think that the motor mount is a Catalina motor mount. It was on the boat when I bought it. The motor is large enough to move the boat at a good speed. As for moving the boat when the wind was blowing hard I do not know. Most of the time I used the motor was when iI was getting away from the dock of if the wind died and I needed to get back to the dock. After I am underway I tip up the motor to get it out of the water. When the boat is healed to port the motor drags the water a little.
One of the lakes that I sail on is electric motor only. I bought the boat with the motor and mounting bracket already attached so I do not know the cost difference.
The way it sounds you have a model 1 or a model 3. I have a model 2. The front hatch was a problem with the model 1. It was just a wooden door that was hard to seal. When the boat was tipped the hatch would leak and fill the entire hull with water. Catalina decided to remove the hatch and put in a water proof tunnel. Thes tunnel allowed you to store some things under the bow and still have the hull water tight. The tunnel was small and you could not store many things under the bow. When Catalina came up with the model 3 they redesigned the inner liner to put a large water tight hatch up front. This allowed for easy access to the full area under the bow but would also keep the boat water tight, if you keep the hatch closed. I tried to convert my model 2 to a model 3 but there was no common sized hatch that would cover the hole but still give a good sized opening for access.
I have never had my motor submerged. My battery is a sealed battery and it is attached to the boat so if the boat ever did flip over there would not be a problem. I always used a safety rope to connect the motor to the mounting bracket just in case the boat flipped and the screws were not tight enough.
I hope that this information helps. Good luck with what ever you choose. if you need more information let me know, I will be happy to help. Thats what these forums are for.:)

Roger L