1992 Mod 2 - Rub Rail Replacement/ Topping Lift

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I just brought home a '92 Capri 14.2 last week and love it so far. We got it cleaned up, rubbed out,waxed and it looks like new. With the exception of the rub rail, which has an 8" chunk missing and it appears to be very brittle. Has anyone replaced a rub rail? Where can I buy a replacement?

The boat came with a nice mast up/ boom up cover. The man I bought it from said the main halyard attaches to the center of the cover. If this is the case, I think I would need a topping lift line to hold the boom up, and the line was not included. What size line should I use or does the main halyard hold the boom up?

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Just use the Main halyard to hold the boom up and you could use the Jib halyard(lead back) to hold the cover up.
How about a boom crutch made from 4" pvc drain pipe? A boom topping lift just adds more wind-age and weight aloft but if you decide to add one consider going light weight My 2 cents. And is this a boat cover or just a boom cover?
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Yes , I was thinking light weight line for the topping lift. I'm just unsure of the exact recommended line size. The cover is a mast up/ boom up/ mainsail on boom style that covers the entire cockpit and deck area.

How about the rub rail? is there a resourse to purchase them?

Thanks for all your replies so far.
I use a 3/16" braid for my topping lift, works fine. For the rub-rail why not try > catalinadirect.com < I just checked the site and they have the stuff, looks like it comes in a couple of colours as well.
Rub rail

I replaced my rub rail with stock provided by Catalina Yachts Woodland Hills. I called and they sent it. Mine was white and they sent me butterscotch color - it goes well with my hull color. I used a sheet metal screws on on corner by the transom. I removed all the old except in the transom area - and I don't remember why I didn't. It must have been too difficult. It wasn't difficult to replace and the rub rail stock was inexpensive. Good luck.
Rub Rail

I just checked Catalina Direct. Theirs does not look like Capri rub rail. Just an FYI. I should mention that mine is an '81 Capri Omega which may invalidate everything I've said!
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Rub Rail

Thanks for looking into this for me Cbaum. I checked also, it appears the newer models have a two piece rub rail design. They now have a reciever and an insert. I was hoping someone may have tried to install the new design rail on a Mod 2.
It does look like a much improved design.
For a topping lift, I just a lightweight cord with a snap link on the end. I tie off one end on the top of the mast, and hook the other end to anything on the end of the boom.

I just spoke to Catalina Direct yesterday and they do not have the beige rubrail in their parts selection. I need to replace mine. My rubrail was torn up in a bad storm this year.

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