1991 Sunfish

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1991 Sunfish sailboat and trailer, boat is in excellent condition, sail and trailer are in good condition. Includes sunbrella boat cover, fiberglass daggerboard, hiking stick, wetsuit, and life jacket.


3 Questions:
  • Boast still for sale?
  • Are gunwales rolled joint construction, or aluminum bead on edge?
  • Where are you located?
Don Campbell,
Brooklyn, NY
Hello, where are you located? How much are you asking for you sunfish? We have a Youth retreat and I am looking for 2 sunfish to add to our fleet of 4.
Thank you,
Hi John,
I am curious about the price and your location. Perhaps it is out of my price range anyway or it would be gone. I am in Massachusetts but the boat would be used in NH for a Youth Retreat site for training and enjoyment.
The boat sounds nice though let me know where you are. I have contacts in many places.
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