1990 Laser for sale - San Diego, CA

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1990 Laser sail #139031 for sale, $1000 OBO. All major equipment (blades, spars, etc.), two sails. Hull needs work, esp. new hiking straps. Have CA title & valid registration (CF number). No trailer.
Wondering if your boat is still for sale. If it is, could you send some Pics? Also - are there any other issues with the hull besides hiking straps? What sails do you have for it - and what kind of shape are they in. Does it come with a dolly?

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Hi Mike,

Yes it's still for sale. I will try to take pics this weekend but we are out of town Saturday so we'll see. I haven't used the boat in about 10 years and it's been outside the whole time so I'm sure it's not in great shape (which is why I'm asking so little $$). The spars have mostly also been outside, but everything else (blades, lines, sails) has been inside.

There are two sails. I think one was intended as practice and one as racing. I never raced it so I never used the racing sail. Since a decade has passed I don't know what condition they are in but they've been folded in my garage the whole time. Probably not racing quality anymore but probably still reasonably nice. I'll try to take a look this weekend.

No dolly, sorry.

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