1990 14.2 w/trailer 4 sail in Bucks County, PA

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1990 Capri 14.2 with trailer for sale in Bucks County, PA. 2nd owner, everything in very good condition, well maintained and cared for. Ready to sail!

Take her away for $2k. Please e-mail me at nmontana@comcast.net for more info.

Capri still for sale?


Is your Capri still for sale? Could I ask to see some pictures?

I am looking for a 14.2 close to central PA that is anywhere between a ready to sail boat to a moderate project. Need something with a good trailer first and foremost.

We sail a 30 on the Chesapeake for weekends but my two young boys want to try their hand at racing and being able to sail locally on evennings. Any info on the boat would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance