1989 Laser with trailer, great shape

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I was looking at your add and saw your porsche. Its a 944 turbo? im not looking to buy it i just want to know a little more about it, lol. thanks
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It has a trailer, the spars are in great shape as is the centerboard/rudder. They are white and look fantastic. The boat was originally sold locally to a member of the sailing club and is still a member. He sold it to a lady who preferred her Sunfish after trying the laser out and I bought it from her. She used it 2x and I sailed it prob 3-4 times.

Its snowing here but I will run over soon and get pics of everything. i had the sail here at home so I took a picture of that. I dont have a bag for the spars or foils. The bag that came with it was pretty gross so I tossed it - never got around to buying a new bag.

I am very interested in this boat but would not be able to pick it up for a few weeks. Looks like it is in great shape, how is the trailer? Would it make the drive up to Saginaw MI as it is?
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The trailer probably hasnt been used much in its life since its been in Indy its entire life. Im sure it could use new tires but I did tow it home and back with no issues. I can go check the tires this week to give you a better idea if you would like.
Let me know how they are, and what you think about it making the trip.
I may have someone in Indy to pick it up and store it until I can get there myself.
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Ill check it out tomorrow and take pics of the tires - I dont think it will be a problem as its only 4-5 hours but Im an optimistic kind of person :p Ill let you know as soon as I check it out, thanks.
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Checked them out today, they look fine to me. I'd tow it without worry as-is although if you were planning on making lots of trips Id replace 'em for the peace of mind. Tire size is 4.80-8.
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