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1989 Catalina Capri 14.2


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It's a 1989 hull - and I know it sounds expensive for a boat that old... but hear me out! It's been in the water about 20 times! Sails are like new!!! A gentleman in Seattle bought the boat new in 1989 with the intent to teach himself how to sail. Put the boat in the water once with just the main up... suffice it to say he didn't like sailing and parked in a garage till I bought it 4 years ago. The jib was still in the UN opened factory plastic bag!! We put it up at our cabin near Detroit Lake (Oregon) and stored it in our barn. Great sailing boat - just don't use it enough. We put new tires on the trailer. It does have a motor mount but no motor. Again - it sounds expensive but the new hulls are going for over $6000 from the dealer... you could have a solid boat for a fraction of the price!!!532112_4267707859349_1777319072_n.jpg Call Tony at 503-519-6059.