1988 J24 Sailboat For Sale in Dallas, TX Only $3,500.00!

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This 1988 beauty has all the following features:

North Sails in great shape
Storm Jib
Spinnaker (needs pole)
Head and Sink
Bilge pump
Electronics and lighting
2 HP Honda motor
Foot locker with accessories and loaded tool kit
In slip at Chandlers Landing Rockwall Texas (no trailer or lift)

Please email if you are interested or have questions. 3Lb3M93J15L95I95Ebd5e00de31a925411fc6.jpg 3G83Jd3H85N75Ge5M8d5e7804db19f085199c.jpg 3K53Mc3Hb5I45E75F9d5e20993887ff061082.jpg 3K73L13Ie5Nc5Ea5J6d5e2d278cd5da521d94.jpg 3Ka3Ma3L45Na5I25Fcd5e509d1b3fbbf31938.jpg 3Eb3K83I85Na5E35J3d5e234de2e0296f13e8.jpg 3Mb3I43La5Ld5N85J1d5e4fb1996e532315ef.jpg


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Howdi, I am interested in your boat.Is it still available?
Only issue is I will need to dry tow it to Houston ...
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Hi-thank you for contacting me. We just sold the boat, though. I'll be deleting the post this weekend. :)
Thanks and good luck!